[AccessD] Fw: Runtime version of 2003 (Crap)

Darren DICK d.dick at uws.edu.au
Thu Dec 4 20:12:16 CST 2003

Just found this
Now I'm off to deal with this piece of crap Microsoft SHYTE
Re the 
Error Accessing File. Network Connection May have been lost


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Subject: A2K: Runtime version of 2003 (Crap)

> Hello all
> I recently installed the runtime version of Access 2003.
> This piece of crap has taken over and now all my access apps open in a 2003 shell.
> I keep getting error messages about the potential damage the code within the dB can cause
> and am prompted each time I open a dB if I wish to continue or cancel
> I have tried unsuccessfully to remove Access 2003 Runtime from Control Panel. at least on 4 occasions.
> I have re-installed Office and Access 2000 - Still no joy.
> So I deleted the folder (though not all files.  'Cause Widoze had ' em opened I presume)
> On top of all that I getting very strange errors each time I open a db or try to view the code
> for an even or control. Error message as follows. 
> (This message would appear even before I deleted the folder - yes I have re-booted many times)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Microsoft Visual Basic (Msgbox Caption)
> Error Accessing File. Network Connection May have been lost
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>  Anyone seen this or better still anyone got a solution?
> Many thanks in advance
> Darren

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