[AccessD] Calculated Field Error A2003

Joshua B lists at jbsolutions.com.au
Sun Dec 21 01:43:47 CST 2003

Hi Group:

Up until now, I have had no experience with Access 2003, but my understanding was that there was no significant difference between it and XP. 

I have developed a database which works with no errors in Access 2000 or XP, however, one of the clients machines has 2003 installed, and in many places, where there is a calculated field, it returns #Error and/or #Name at irregular intervals. There is nothing complex about some of these calculations, some being as simple as "=[clnt_Surname] & ", " & [clnt_FirstName]". And, as I said, there are no problems in A2K or AXP. 

Once I had determined that it was calculated fields that were causing the problem, I tried to patch it in places with a "Me.Requery". This resulted in the error "Object or with block variable not set". So, I got really inventive and tried "Me.frm_FormName.RecordSource = Me.frm_FormName.RecordSource" which actually works, but I very much dislike that line of code. 

Is there a known problem with 2003 and calculated fields? I'm afraid I only got to debug it over a period of a couple of hours, and now the client is on Xmas break until next year, and I don't have 2003, so I have no way of working my way through it.

Best regards.				 
Joshua B
lists at jbsolutions.com.au

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