[AccessD] Help with moving files from one hard drive to another (Cross posted)

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Recognizing it isn't enough, even if it works.  Remember, the operating
system is on the hard drive, unless this is a secondary drive.

Charlotte Foust

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I have a co-worker who came to me and asked me how to get the files off
his old computer onto his new computer.  First questions I asked were do
you have any larger capacity media drives, cd burner, zip drive, etc.
Answer is no.  So, I thought it should be possible for him to open his
old computer, take out the hard drive, put it in his new computer and
the new computer on boot up should recognize the older hard drive.  Is
this correct?

Old machine:  PII 233MHz running Win98
New machine:  PIV 2.66 GHz running WinXP Pro.

Another option is that he says both machines have NICs.  Can he just
plug the two machines together through the NICs and have them recognize
each other?

I have to admit that I haven't tried to do things this way myself so I
hope that some extra guidance can help us get this right.

Any help offered is greatly appreciated.

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