[AccessD] Sort of like a filter only not

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Fri Dec 12 08:42:04 CST 2003

Hi Andy

Hmmm ... but why are the data initially mixed up?


> Sorry, reading my original again I may have misled you Jim. We're not
> talking about a situation where a customer permanently has a system with
> their data on it. We're talking about situations such as customer A coming
> to these premises for a meeting for a day and my client wanting to be able
> to show them the system on-screen but limited only to their data, OR a sales
> person going travelling with a laptop onto which we have downloaded the
> system (this we do already - for enquiry purposes only) and having meetings
> with several customers over several days. So we need to be able, fairly
> quickly, to say "I'm going into a meeting with X so make the system show
> only X and Y's data (where Y is X's sister company)".

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