[AccessD] class module question

John W. Colby jcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Sat Dec 20 09:05:33 CST 2003

This sub is one of only two - the other is Initialize - that are part of
every class.  IF you have the stub in your class it will be automatically
called as the class instantiates (Initialize) or is torn down (Terminate).

John W. Colby

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Hi All,

I am reading the wonderful chapter on WithEvents and RaiseEvent taken from
the 'Beginning Access 2002 VBA' book that is written by John Colby that was
linked to sometime ago.

When I was reading it I came across the Sub called 'Class_Terminate()' in
one of his examples. Because I don't have the other chapters, I can't tell
if this Sub gets automatically called when a class is destroyed or if it
needs to be called before it is destroyed.

Anyone know?


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