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Someone recommended text files as if that was a natural way to go...  but of
course I can generate temp db files.  Apparently if you use something like
Access or Excel to hold the data then Word uses automation to open an
instance of that program to feed it the data.  I am assuming that if you use
a text file that automation step just goes away and the text file is simply
read by Word.

Of course knowing MS they might very well open an instance of Word to read
the text file and feed it to Word...

John W. Colby

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Hi John

Why not export your data to a temp database (mdb) file?
You know how to create and fill those ...


> I am finally doing the mail merge into Word that has been threatening for
> the last 6 months.  What I have discovered is that if I specify a query
> directly, Word opens a NEW instance of Access and opens whatever db the
> query is in.  It happens that the FE the query is in has an opening login
> screen etc. so that doesn't work too well.  Given that, I need to export
> data somewhere that word can get at it unencumbered.

> Someone on the list suggested exporting the data to text files, then doing
> the mail merge from those text files.  Can someone elucidate a bit there?
> Is the text file comma delimited?  Does it need the bookmark name for
> each datum is going?  IOW what is the format of the text file going to be?

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