[AccessD] MDBs vs SQL Server

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  I fall into 4, but have also branched out into Visual Fox Pro as an
alternative to Access and MDB's

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I'd like to conduct a non-scientific poll to discover what you folks use.
Please pick one of the numbers and respond to the list.

1) I use SQL Server for all my data.  I wouldn't touch an MDB BE with a 10
foot pole.
2) I use SQL Server mostly, but will touch an MDB BE with a 10 foot pole, as
long as I don't have to be responsible for the mess.
3) I have used SQL Server in at least one actual client system but my bread
and butter is made with MDB BEs.
4) I am fascinated with the possibilities of SQL server, have looked at it,
perhaps installed it at my office, but just don't have the call for it from
my clients.
5) What's this here SQL Server thangie?  All my database BEs are done with
6) I prefer to do my data stores in Excel spreadsheets, but if I must an MDB
is at least within my grasp.  SQL Server is for them big boys n they won't
talk to me.  I would still be using Borland's Reflex if I could get a copy -
now THERE's a REAL MAN'S database!!!

Just pick a number and put it in the first line of your response.

As for me, I am a 4.  I have SQL Server installed in my office, moved my
billing db to it in order to have a real live in use system using it, and
have regretted it ever since.  In fact I yanked the data back out into an
MDB last week after having to rebuild my system twice and then ending up
with torn pages in my SQL Server database.

John W. Colby

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