[AccessD] MDBs vs SQL Server

Mark L. Breen subs1847 at solution-providers.ie
Fri Dec 26 11:44:31 CST 2003

Hello John,

I think that you have to accept that they are different tools and destined
for different jobs.

I use both as you probably know.  For a small db and with limited number of
users. Jet is great.

For big db's, mission critical reliability, online backups, scheduling and
integrated security (which interfaces with NT / W2K), and other things I
cannot bring to mind now, I believe SQL in all its guises is the tool.

I am sorry to hear that you have had problems with it, I have installed
between 10 and 30 SQL server systems and I have no problems with any.

I say again, the tool to select depends on the customers application, both
have a role to play and one the ends of each scale, it is crazy to use the
wrong tool for the job.

Whata think?


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> I'd like to conduct a non-scientific poll to discover what you folks use.
> Please pick one of the numbers and respond to the list.
> 1) I use SQL Server for all my data.  I wouldn't touch an MDB BE with a 10
> foot pole.
> 2) I use SQL Server mostly, but will touch an MDB BE with a 10 foot pole,
> long as I don't have to be responsible for the mess.
> 3) I have used SQL Server in at least one actual client system but my
> and butter is made with MDB BEs.
> 4) I am fascinated with the possibilities of SQL server, have looked at
> perhaps installed it at my office, but just don't have the call for it
> my clients.
> 5) What's this here SQL Server thangie?  All my database BEs are done with
> MDBs.
> 6) I prefer to do my data stores in Excel spreadsheets, but if I must an
> is at least within my grasp.  SQL Server is for them big boys n they won't
> talk to me.  I would still be using Borland's Reflex if I could get a
copy -
> now THERE's a REAL MAN'S database!!!
> Just pick a number and put it in the first line of your response.
> As for me, I am a 4.  I have SQL Server installed in my office, moved my
> billing db to it in order to have a real live in use system using it, and
> have regretted it ever since.  In fact I yanked the data back out into an
> MDB last week after having to rebuild my system twice and then ending up
> with torn pages in my SQL Server database.
> John W. Colby
> www.ColbyConsulting.com
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