Subject: Re: [AccessD] OT - Menu bar missing in MS Word

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Sat Mar 1 14:27:00 CST 2003

On behalf of William Hindman, who's posts don't seem to be making it


...the /a loads Word without any of the template settings, startup macros,
add-ins, or registry data key settings ...basically it tosses anything the
user could have done ...if the menu bar loads correctly, it greatly
simplifies finding the problem.

William Hindman

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> On 1 Mar 2003 at 13:36, Gustav Brock wrote:
> > Try running this command:
> >
> > winword.exe /a
> >
> > That should reset all registry settings of Word.
> winword.exe /a doesn't actually reset anything. It just loads Word
> without loading the, any of the startup templates.
> I think the switch you are thinking of is /r, but don't quote me on
> that. It's not listed in the help file, so I think it's an undocumented
> switch
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