[AccessD] Access XP and 97 hang on reattaching linked tables under WinXP

Charlotte Foust cfoust at infostatsystems.com
Mon Mar 3 16:42:00 CST 2003

We're beating our heads against this one.  Under certain specific
circumstances, both Access XP and 97 will hang running under WinXP.  The
circumstances are that Outlook is running (either 2000 or XP) and you
toggle to the Outlook application during a portion of the operation when
Access is trying to reattach files using an instance of the current
database opened in a second DAO workspace.  I'm trying to track down
anything on this problem and haven't had much luck.  There are articles
about the ODBC drivers in multithreaded environments, but they seem to
apply more to SQL Server links and are supposed to be fixed by the
latest installation of Jet 4.x.  Not on my machine, they aren't.

Does anyone have any more information on this issue?  We're also getting
reported hangs after an email is sent by our application on a client's
WinXP machine, but we haven't been able to replicate that.  The primary
suspect in both cases is Outlook, even though we use the Redemption
library to bypass the direct MAPI calls.  


Charlotte Foust

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