[AccessD] Intermittent #Deleted Records

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No, those are just data fields.

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Is the information in the combobox that is getting changed either a PK
or a FK?  Better not be. 

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A database I have worked on has an intermittent problem.  This is a main
form and a subform in Access XP.  The database is split FE/BE.  The
subform is continuous and has a table as its recordsource that is on the
many side of a 1-many relationship with the table that is the record
source for the main form.  The database is set to individual record
locking and is also set to edited record.  The table for the subform is
also on the 1 side of a 1-many relationship for four other tables.
Every table has a primary key based on an autonumber, and that primary
key is the only index on each table.

The problem is that, sometimes, when someone changes existing
information in one of the comboboxes on the subform, the entire record
in the subform immediately has all of it's information in every field
changed to #Deleted.  A search of the MSKB under #Deleted found
information that suggested this happens when an Access FE is using a SQL
BE, but no discussion of an Access FE using an Access BE.  We have been
able to trap an error which indicates that we are trying to do an
rst.update without first doing an rst.edit, but since the forms are
bound to the tables this doesn't make sense.  Also, the code behind the
subform comboboxes doesn't lead to any other code which edits and
updates a recordset.

Any suggestions on what the next steps could be would be greatly

Dan Waters 
Quality Process Solutions 

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