[AccessD] Iterating Controls

Shamil Salakhetdinov shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru
Sun Mar 9 12:08:08 CST 2003

> But I'm not sure what.

You open a form but don't assign an object variable referring to this open form instance - something like that should work:

dim efrm as AccessObject
dim frm as Access.Form

for each efrm in CurrentProject.AllForms
      DoCmd.OpenForm efrm.name, acDesign
      set frm=Forms(efrm.name)

next efrm

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  Swing and a miss! I thought you had a home run there but no. Here's the whole sub, and all it prints is the names of the forms. Here's the entire sub:


  Public Sub ListRowSources()

      On Error Resume Next

      Dim frm As Object, db As CurrentProject, ctl As Control

      Dim strOutFile As String

      strOutFile = "RowSources.txt"        '"c:\testfile.txt"

      Set db = CurrentProject

      Dim fs As Object, a As Object

      Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

      Set a = fs.CreateTextFile(strOutFile, True)

      Set db = CurrentProject

      Application.Echo False


      Debug.Print "Analyzing Row Sources"

      'Walk through forms

      For Each frm In db.AllForms

          DoCmd.OpenForm frm.name, acDesign

          a.writeline "Form: " & frm.name

          'Walk through controls

          For Each ctl In frm.Controls

              With ctl

                  Debug.Print ctl.Properties("Name")

                  Select Case .ControlType

                      Case acComboBox

                          Debug.Print ctl.name & ": Combo Box"

                          Debug.Print ctl.RowSource

                          a.writeline "Control: " & ctl.name

                          a.writeline "RowSource"

                          a.writeline ctl.RowSource


                      Case acListBox

                    Debug.Print ctl.name & ": List Box"

                          Debug.Print ctl.RowSource

                          a.writeline "Control: " & ctl.name

                          a.writeline "RowSource"

                          a.writeline ctl.RowSource

                  Case Else

                    'do nothing

                  End Select

              End With

          Next ctl

          DoCmd.Close acForm, frm.name

      Next frm

      Application.Echo True


      Set frm = Nothing

      Set db = Nothing

      Set fs = Nothing

      Set a = Nothing

   End Sub


  All it does is print the form names. Not a single mention of any control on any form. Clearly it's more wrong than On Error. But I'm not sure what.


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  Hi Arthur,

  You're looking too far to see it up close :)

  On Error Resume Next

  Mike Mattys

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