[AccessD] Office 11 or 2003 Beta Shipping

Mwp.Reid at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK Mwp.Reid at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK
Mon Mar 10 12:26:01 CST 2003

If you have the hardware I advise installing .NET server and SharePoint. 
FrontPage2003 has major changes and working with Sharepoint as its application 
server the types of data you can bind to a web page is excellent.

FP 2003 also contains the worlds only WYSIWYG XSLT editor. Anyone who has 
worked with XSLT will realise how useful this is. You can also work with XML, 
Oracle, SQL Server, Access, .NET, ASP

I was very impressed with FP 2003 and Sharepoint.

Cant say Access impressed me that much but the XML features of Office in 
general are good.


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