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I couldn't have said it better.

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As Charles says

As you work over the data you begin to vreate tables etc. As you draw up
diagrams you begin to work out relationships. If I know a relationship I
the FKs in. As you repeat the prcess breaking down the data and creating

relationships you add the FKs.

If your using case tools you must add the FKs in oreder to get the
software to 
create the relationships/

If you are using normilisation the FKs are created as you carry out each

But again its a discovery process and I would place the FKs in each
entity as 
required as I go rather than have to go back to perhpas 200 tables and
do it 


Quoting Susan Harkins <harkins at iglou.com>:

> In the design, yes -- I do too. I think I'm not making my question 
> very clear. :)
> Susan H.
> > In the design you include the FKs. Matter of course. Least I do.
> Particulary if
> > your using a case tool to do the ERs etc.
> >
> > Martin

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