[AccessD] Public variable losing contents

Arthur Fuller artful at rogers.com
Tue Mar 11 06:52:00 CST 2003

A misplaced END statement? Does everything compile fine? Have you tried
setting a break point on a change to the public variable?
And finally, you might want to use a static function rather than a public

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To all,

I have a Public variable that is declared in the start-up form of my A2k
Database called pubCallingForm, and I have a button on a staffing form that
when clicked performs various tasks and also assigns the variable the form
(i.e. pubCallingForm = "frmStaffingFullDay"), and then opens another form on
top of the calling form.  The form that is called allows the user to enter
special pay rates (two fields only), and then is supposed to return the
values back to the specific fields on the calling form.  But when the
special pay rates form is called, pubCallingForm is set back to null.

Anybody have any idea as to why this is happening ?

Thanks in advance 

Paul Hartland

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