[AccessD] Adding Attachments

Wortz, Charles CWortz at tea.state.tx.us
Tue Mar 11 08:23:16 CST 2003

Since you are storing the files externally to Access and only storing a
link (path name) to the files in Access, it makes no difference to
Access what types of files they are.  Linking to external files is a
frequent subject on this list so you should be able to find a lot of
hints in the archives.  Some non-obvious search terms that may help are
"Image files" and "bloat."

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I really do not know what I am after :-) I am open for any ideas because
I sure can't think of any...
Make a folder to store the attachments and they would place them in the
directory? Would it matter if they were .pdf or .doc or any type of

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	You can have a hyperlink field in a table in which the link to
the external document is placed.  Is this what you are after?

	Charles Wortz 

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	Subject: [AccessD] Adding Attachments
	Is there a way to add a document as an attachment to a database?

	The database is used to request services. The data is entered by
a customer and sometimes the customer needs to add additional
documentation to support their request. The attachment might be a sketch
or Word file.
	Does anyone have any idea how this might be done?

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