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Hollis,Virginia HollisVJ at pgdp.usec.com
Tue Mar 18 06:20:00 CST 2003

That works! Thank you. First time I ever tried anything like that. Never
really knew how the openArgs worked - learned something.


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On 17 Mar 2003 at 7:45, Hollis,Virginia wrote:

> What do I do if it is a new record they are adding to Form 3? When a new
> record is added using Form 3, the RequestID (FK) shows 0. I need it to
> the same RequestID as the opening form, whether it is Form 1 or Form 2.
> Form 3 needs to open and set the FK - (RequestID in Table 2) to the same
> RequestID (PK in Table 1) as in Form 1 or Form 2.

Use OpenArgs to pass the RequestID from Form1 or Form2

Then in the Before_update():

RequestID = OpenArgs

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