[AccessD] Slightly OT: Installation protocol

Bryan Carbonnell Bryan_Carbonnell at cbc.ca
Tue Mar 18 08:01:00 CST 2003

Here's what I do.

When I build a setup for a VB App, I give the user the ability to NOT install the VB Runtimes (which oleaut32.dll is one) if they so choose. I do have it set to install by default though.

I only install the runtimes if an older version is on the system, but before I do that, I back them up. I don't give the user a choice, they get backed up. Period.

When the app gets uninstalled, if there are files in the backup directory, then I ask if they want to restore the DLLs to the pre install state.

If they do, great, they get restored, if not, the backups get deleted.

There really isn't anything that can be done in your situation. As others have said, welcome to DLL Hell.

Bryan Carbonnell
bryan_carbonnell at cbc.ca

>>> andy at minstersystems.co.uk 18-Mar-03 7:14:17 AM >>>
I'd like to know from you who install your VB apps on other people'smachines whether it's normal practice to overwrite system dll's that areolder than the one you're sending out, without asking or telling? A userhere installed a demo which installed a version of oleaut32.dll. Theirversion was newer but it stll messed up my Access app, specifically where ittalked to Outlook. Do I have a grouse?

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