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MartyConnelly martyconnelly at shaw.ca
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A lot of small companies snap up MCSD's, so they can maintain their 
Microsoft Certified Partners
status. They need at least two on staff and some number of MCP's. So I 
can see that as a requirement in  staffing certain positions or perhaps 
bidding on contracts. ie you bid on a contract and say you are an MCP.

Porter, Mark wrote:

>Regarding the qualifications comments, it's not just the corporate world.  I
>just had to pass on bidding a contract because in the RFP it was specified
>that the VB developer hold a MCSD and 5 years experience.  Further education
>or experience was not substitutable for the cert.
>The scope of the job didn't warrant 5 years experience, let alone a cert.  I
>do not even know anyone in my area with the MCSD that I could pass it on to
>I do hope this isn't an indicator of a trend.  
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>Ron, I am in a similar situation, though I do contract stuff on the side,
>and work a LOT more hours (well, I used too, lately I have only worked 45
>hours a week).
>I am a little over your 'argument's sake' salary, if I only work 40 hours a
>week.  I consider myself to be making about 60% of what I should be making.
>However, with the current job market, it's extremely difficult to find other
>work.  In fact, I just was turned down for a job recently.  Right now the
>market is flooded with all sorts of IT folks, and most of them have degrees
>and certifications.  I have very little faith in either of those,
>personally.  However, even though most companies are hiring off of
>experience versus quals, it seems as if they are paying more for quals then
>knowledge/capabilities.  I'm afraid that's just part of the business world.
>It's hard to nail down, but I'm pretty sure the problem lies with Accounts
>in general.  They find it nearly impossible to quantify someone's value by
>their knowledge or capabilities, however, it is very easy for them to
>quantify someones education.
>For example, have you ever seen a salary comparison sheet that showed
>something like this:
>Genius.  Can't stump this guy/girl.
>Extremely smart, learns everything thrown at him/her.
>Pretty smart, knows what he's paid to do and a little more.
>Smart, knows his/her job.
>Average, can do his/her job as long as there are instructions.	$40,000
>A little slow, needs to constantly be shown what to do.		$25,000
>Pretty stupid, can barely do his/her job with lots of help.
>Dumb as a post, can barely tie his/her shoes.
>Of course you haven't seen a salary list like that.  Instead, salary lists
>are made up of a job title, along with certifications and degrees.
>Obviously a perfect system! <evil grin>.
>What I like most about being employed full time though, is I get to work on
>random stuff during idle time (when there is idle time), so I am constantly
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