[AccessD] Unable to enter Jee

Chris Swann dc8 at btinternet.com
Thu Jan 13 11:08:28 CST 2005


I was aked to look at a database today because it was geberating an error
and have come away completely baffled.

The initial entry was made as Lee, but the person realised they had mistyped
and tried to change it to Jee.

This is where the fun began. This change caused a "No current record" error
to appear.

I checked all through the code, nothing obvious. I deleted the record and
its associated data in another table and we tried again. Same error.

I then wnet off and tried to enter the data directly into the main table as
before. I entered Lee and all was OK. I tried to change it to Jee and got
the "No current record" error.

I can change the name to any value I want within the table apart from Jee. J
works, Je works but no Jee.

Can anyone think of any reason for this or seen anything similar.

Chris Swann

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