[AccessD] Access 2003 Runtime

Nicholson, Karen cyx5 at cdc.gov
Tue Jan 25 06:02:48 CST 2005

Has anyone created a runtime 2003, and does it work on an XP platform.
The other programmer here tried to convert one of my programs to A2003
and he gets a "HALT".  He is blind, really, so I am going to go down to
where he works in the complex to see if there are missing references or
something.  He is converting from a 2000 system to 2003.  I really can't
ask too many questions yet - Mark is telling me that it is saying
something about not having RT, but I thought RT came packaged in with
Access 2003. Conversely, has anyone made a 2003 runtime and does it run
on Windows 2000 platform?

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