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John Bartow john at winhaven.net
Tue Jan 25 11:58:10 CST 2005

I have a client running Mediwin. What add-ons did you develop? At some point
he may need something and I could recontact you if your add-ons fill the

John B. 

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hello to the list,
I created an app years ago that interfaced with the client's medical
practice software.
The software is Mediwin, which uses the Advantage db engine.
After an upgrade to the Mediwin version, my ODBC calls fail for "Can't lock
all records" message from Jet. Some pursuit of the ODBC help indicates that
a network failure could also be an issue. And sure enough, they had the
network guy in about the same time.
Very odd that I can still link to the table of interest sometimes and even
export to Excel, but can't open the table in datasheet view nor successfully
run any of my code.

Naturally, no one thought to let me know that the upgrade was happening. And
I am concerned that the vendor of the Mediwin software is not being helpful
because they would love to recreate most of my work themselves.

And of course, the client is now 10 days behind in sending out
correspondence that should have been done automatically from my program thru

So, any insight/comments on ODBC, Advantage, Mediwin or a comforting word
would be appreciated.



accesspro at nospamcox.net

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