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Sorry for the delayed response, but from the looks of this thread, you are
either dealing with an .mde renamed as an .mdb.  Possible.  Or you have a
secured .mdb, and you don't have the proper .mdw to get into it.

There are password utilities out there, but they require the .mdw.

There is another option.  This is an Access 97 .mdb.  There is a little
known glitch in Access 97 (without the service packs, because one of the
service packs fixed the glitch!), which allows you to drag and drop database
objects from one database to another, REGARDLESS of security.  So you may
not have access to even open a form, but as long as you can see the database
window, you can drag the form to a blank (unsecured) database, and
everything is copied (code and all).  This is due to the 'bug', which in the
drag and drop 'process', the original (unpatched) code just doesn't bother
to check for security settings before it copies the objects to another

Hope this helps.


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Hello All,

I'm pretty sure this is a lost cause...but I just received an A97 db...there

is no password...but I don't have permission to make any 
changes(tables,queries...or even view the macros).  My guess is I need to 
know the UserGroup and PID that was used to change/create the permissions.  
Is this correct...and are there any workarounds?



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