[AccessD] Access toolbar won't stay docked?

Anna Hopkins anna at apespools.com
Mon Jan 17 19:15:25 CST 2005

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Did you change the menu bar selection from (default) to the name of your 

At 06:01 PM 1/17/2005, you wrote:
>I have an app with a custom toolbar.  This is presenting two problems:
>1) I want to use it in place of teh standard Menu bar, but the standard 
>menu bar just won't go away.  No matter how many time I close it, when the 
>.mdb file re-loads, it comes back.
>2) The custom menu bar won't stay docked.  I reposition it at the top of 
>the screen until it snaps into place, then I set it's Docking to Can't 
>Change.  Sure enough, when I re-load the app, it is still floating there.
>I've never seen anything like this.  Ideas?
>-Christopher Hawkins-
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