[AccessD] Grab a text box's label's caption in code.

John W. Colby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Tue Jan 18 20:43:49 CST 2005

Here ya go, working code from my framework that finds the label if it

'.Comments  :
'.Sets      :
'.Returns   :
'.Created by: John W. Colby
'.Created   : 6/17/02 11:22:19 AM
'Finds the label that "belongs to" any given control.
Function CtlLbl(ctlFindLbl As Control) As Label
On Error GoTo Err_CtlLbl
Dim ctl As Control
    For Each ctl In ctlFindLbl.Controls
        If ctl.ControlType = acLabel Then
            Set CtlLbl = ctl
        End If
    Next ctl
Exit Function
    Select Case err
    Case 0      '.insert Errors you wish to ignore here
        Resume Next
    Case Else   '.All other errors will trap
        MsgBox err.Description, , "Error in Function Utils.CtlLbl"
        Resume Exit_CtlLbl
    End Select
End Function

In my framework, every control class has a label variable in the class
header.  The init method just calls this function to find the label and set
the label variable so that if the control class ever needs to use the label
(change the back color, font etc it can just do so.

Private WithEvents mcbo As Access.ComboBox
Private mlbl As Label

Function Init(lcbo as combobox)
	set mcbo = lcbo
	Set mlbl = CtlLbl(mcbo)
End function


John W. Colby

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Can I somehow call the name of a textbox and get the caption of it's label?

I don't see a label property for a textbox.

Just curious. 

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