[AccessD] OT: the MS Route planner.....

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Hey, just remember, computers don't make mistakes, people do.  Obviously the
people didn't build the roads right! <grin>


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In the honourable but recently lapsed tradition of Friday humour I thought
I'd share this with you all. 

The MSN route planner, another quality offering from Microsoft....
1. Click here: http://mappoint.msn.com/DirectionsFind.aspx 
2. Then change the "Address in" box to Norway 
3. In the first "City" box enter: haugesund 
4. Change the End "Address In" box to Norway 
5. In the "City" box enter: trondheim 
6. Click "Get Directions"  

Love it. I expect to see lots of bemused-looking Norwegian drivers passing
down the A1.

-- Andy Lacey

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