[AccessD] RE: A2k2 combo boxes / rowsource hassles

Tom Bolton tom.bolton at donnslaw.co.uk
Thu Jan 27 10:23:24 CST 2005

Hi guys


I have a problem with setting the rowsource property of a combo at runtime -
I'm binding it to the SQL query shown below:


SELECT tblAdmin_ColumnLookup.Alias, tblAdmin_ColumnLookup.FieldName,
tblAdmin_ColumnLookup.[DataType] FROM tblAdmin_SQLData INNER JOIN
tblAdmin_ColumnLookup ON tblAdmin_SQLData.ID = tblAdmin_ColumnLookup.SQLID
WHERE tblAdmin_SQLData.ReportID = 5 AND


The first 2 columns are there using myCombo.Columns(x), but the third...
nowhere to be seen.  I'm tearing my hair out here!!


Any help appreciated, TIA





Tom Bolton

Systems Developer (I.T.)

Donns Solicitors

Tel: 0161 834 3311

Fax: 0161 834 2317



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