[AccessD] Framework Articles

John W. Colby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Wed Oct 5 11:25:49 CDT 2005

Anyone who read about, followed or is otherwise interested in the series of
articles I wrote awhile back and published on the list regarding building a
framework, please go to my web page, register (if not already) and log in.
Click the Example Code / C2DbFW3G Lecture.  The lecture series is being
resurrected as a multi-page page on my site.  

The multi-page page is a nice little module I discovered last night, which
allows me to set up a single page off the main menu which contains, embedded
in that page, a series of pages, complete with a menu at the top and bottom.
You will recognize the format from the Ezine sites that publish articles. 

Anyway, I have not pulled out all of the articles yet, but over the next few
days I will do so.  Additionally you can download the articles themselves in

Word format, plus an associated mdb via the main/sub menu items Example Code
/ C2DbFW3G Framework.

Any comments / feedback on this can be provided utilizing the Forum for
C2DbFW3G under Access.  I am way busy ATM but I will be monitoring the

John W. Colby

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