[AccessD] Convert to Double - Excel OT

Nicholson, Karen cyx5 at cdc.gov
Mon Oct 31 08:29:40 CST 2005

I need to convert a number that is an integer to double format, as my
routine is comparing an integer to a formula that contains decimals, and
naturally Excel is rounding up, causing my select statement to jump to
the next level of qualifications when any integer ends in the number 5.
Does anyone know where in the world I would put the CDbl() in this

    Cells(irow, 18).Value = getNPPTLCell(.Cells(irow, 15).Value,
.Cells(irow, 9).Value)

I have to define as rows as I am looping through the spreadsheet.  Happy
Halloween to all!

Karen S. Nicholson
Programmer Analyst
EG&G Technical Services, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
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