[AccessD] OT Question that will be simple for those that know

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 3 00:44:11 CDT 2005

Thanks Bryan, Stuart and John for the information. I was initially sort of
wondering what that 'value ="dDwtNjIxMjI0NzQ...' was now I am very curious.
If it doesn't have a reason and is more of a problem that it is worth why is
it there? Is MS really spying on us storing encrypted data in our browsers
that work like cookies? Does the data block just hold state variables or can
it hold code?

Do I sound paranoid?...

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On 3 Oct 2005 at 0:21, John W. Colby wrote:

> LOL, Stuart, are you SERIOUSLY saying I should worry about tens of
> of useless junk moving around the web 

Nope, just pointing at a website that explains what _viewstate does :-)

The bit about "tell JC" was in response to Bryan's comment:
"The only time that I have ever seen this is when a PostNuke site that 
I run was hacked. it too me about 3 days to "decode" it (don't ask me 
how I did it, I don't remember) and it was a redirect to or from a 
Warez site."


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