[AccessD] Pass, Fail or Null

MartyConnelly martyconnelly at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 17 15:36:09 CDT 2005

Here are the truth tables for True, False and  NULL


Nicholson, Karen wrote:

>I have a subform that can have an infinite number of records.  On each
>line is a result of that record.  If the test has not been performed,
>the result is null.  If it has been performed, it can either be a pass
>or fail.  If the record has 20 passes and one fail, then the entire
>record is a fail.  However, the tests instances are entered in, awaiting
>the test to be run, so the test result is null until the values are
>filled in.  I am trying to pull an overall result in the main form.  If
>all test results are null, or some are null and some are pass, then the
>main form value would be null until all tests are run.  My brain is not
>wrapping around this one - the nulls are throwing me.  Ideas?
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Marty Connelly
Victoria, B.C.

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