[AccessD] How to turn off auto-correct off?

stuart at lexacorp.com.pg stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Mon Oct 17 22:22:56 CDT 2005

On 17 Oct 2005 at 19:37, Francisco Tapia wrote:

> i ran into a problem because of the default behaviour in access 2000. We
> have company id codes and one of these companies codes is "HSA", but when
> users key this information in, the auto correct fixes the word to HAS.
> That's all fine and dandy for notes fields but in this case it's really not
> acceptable. How can I programatically turn this option off in access? I know
> I can run through the option and remove the entry in the auto-correct menu
> but that's not a really feasable option since I have 90+ users

Turn it off for the controls that you don't want it on:
In the Properties sheet for textboxes, comboboxes etc, under the "Other" tab is a 
setting "AllowAutocorrect"

To turn it off for all controls in the application:
  Run a loop through every control on form and if it's a textbox or combobox set the 
control's AllowAutoCorrect property to false

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