[AccessD] Data interface The best way

Shamil Salakhetdinov shamil at users.mns.ru
Wed Oct 19 17:02:47 CDT 2005

Ruby on Rails is the prime example.

Believe or not but just yesterday I have bookmarked Ruby's main Web site:


for investigations when (if ever) I will have free time.
Yes, I have heard about Ruby or Rails and I also plan to give it a try.
Ruby looks like being the most advanced modern OO language - it has amazing
things like modifying class definition on-the-fly so it may happen a running
application will have object instances of the same class with different call
interfaces. I still to realize for what real-life applications such
flexibility is needed...

> Model-View-Controller model. Ruby on Rails is the prime example.
Well, MS Avalon(Windows Presentation Foundation) has this model as one of
its key concepts.

And my own rather naive that times (1998) but so true as far as I see now
VBA/VB6-programming concept I called "DEEP-object concept"
(http://www.smsconsulting.spb.ru/shamil_s/articles/deepcnpt.htm) was
partially about Model-View-Controller model partially about what is called
"low coupling" and "high cohesion" OOP concepts and related stuff.(I wasn't
aware about that concepts that times, stupid me) It was developed later into
several proprietary commercial frameworks - so it was never published.
(Well, I did give it a try to develop open source very advanced VBA
framework using MS Access 2000 summer 1999 but because it was a programming
on the edge and because MS Access 97/2000 have "termination bug", which
didn't have stable workaround it didn't work and I deleted/lost all the code
I developed that times. Stupid me again. In MS Access XP/2003 the
"termination bug" was finally fixed.)

Well known here in AccessD VBA framework based on these concepts is John
Colby's framework of course.

> Since I have far from a deep understanding of MVC
IMO it would have better called Model View Dispatcher model (or Model
Dispatcher View). Or I don't understand English well to feel all the nuances
or certain words - for me Controller is something that controls and
Dispatcher is something that dispatches - and dispatching IMO implies no
strict control at all and less coupling between Model and View. And in MVC
model Controller's role is just to dispatch messages (calls) from View to
Model or callbacks(events) from Model to View(s) - it doesn't control

Thank you for the links on Django and TurboGears but it looks like I will
have time for them "in my next life only"...


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> Shamil,
> >As for "an object design down to the lowest level" -
> >this is still questionable here how it should be done -
> >and it's getting the more questionable what this design
> >should be the more I'm getting into the modern methods
> >of OOP&D...
> Theoretical questions aside, the notable object-data systems doing
> useful things now are the open-source web frameworks using the
> Model-View-Controller model. Ruby on Rails is the prime example.
> Since I have far from a deep understanding of MVC, I will just point out
> that the data objects are modeled in code, and changes in the data
> objects are reflected to the table structure of the underlying database.
> One challenge that future OO DBMS projects will have is equalling or
> bettering the ease-of-use of these MVC frameworks. One thing is certain:
> they'll never beat the price.
> Ruby on Rails
> http://www.rubyonrails.org/
> Django
> http://www.djangoproject.com/
> TurboGears
> http://www.turbogears.org/
> Ruby on Rails
> Model-View-Controller Article
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_On_Rails
> -Ken
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