[AccessD] OT Colby's Framework

Borge Hansen pcs at azizaz.com
Thu Oct 20 07:47:50 CDT 2005

Hi John,
This probably doesn't belong here... but

Is someone framing me?

Case : DemoFW_FE.mdb

I have problem initializing.....

When executing the line
        mclsFramework.Init Nothing in function FWinit()

it runs the init of the clsFramework:

Public Sub Init(ByRef robjParent As Object)
    Set mobjParent = robjParent
    cIS.Register Me
    assDebugPrint "init " & mstrInstanceName, DebugPrint
    mclsSVFW.Init Nothing, gfwcnn, "usystblFWSysVars"
    cIS.EnblPtrStack = SV("EnblPtrStack")     <================== crashes
    cIS.EnblNameStack = SV("EnblNameStack")
    mclsZip.Init Nothing
End Sub

The function
Public Function SV(strSVName As String) As Variant
    SV = mclsSVFW.SV(strSVName)
End Function

takes us to : with "EnblPtrStack" as the strSVName value

Function SV(strSVName As String, Optional strSVFld As String =
"SV_VarValue") As Variant
On Error GoTo Err_SV
    Select Case strSVFld
    Case "SV_VarValue"
        SV = mcolSysVars(strSVName).Value()   <========= errors here (error
number 5)
    Case "SV_Memo"
        SV = mcolSysVars(strSVName).Memo()
    Case "SV_UserEditable"
        SV = mcolSysVars(strSVName).UserEditable()
    Case "SV_AllowOverride"
        SV = mcolSysVars(strSVName).AllowOverride()
    Case Else
    End Select
Exit Function
    Select Case Err
    Case 0
        Resume Exit_SV
    Case 5
        SV = Null                      <======== You set the SV to null, but
then errors with : "Invalid Use of NULL"
        Resume Exit_SV
    Case Else
        MsgBox Err.Description, , "Error in Function clsSysVars.SV"
        Resume Exit_SV
    End Select
End Function

Being able to run your sample code is the first step ...

Persistence is getting me nowhere!

Any suggestions?


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