[AccessD] Data Export Spec - Rev1

John Colby jwcolby at ColbyConsulting.com
Sat Oct 22 11:35:06 CDT 2005

OK, two things still need to be fleshed out:

Custom field formatting - I have been looking at the formatting information
created by the export wizard.  They use:

DateLeadingZeros		(what is this?)
DateOrder			(yyyymmdd kind of thing)

I have questions about placing the delimiting characters in the field.  Has
anyone run into cases where the delimiter changes from field to field?

The other big thing remaining is what the header / footer records look like
and how to handle them.  If they are just delimited data similar to any
other delimited data, then I would suggest that we simply use the existing
functionality, treat them like any other export spec, but figure out a means
of specifying that a specific export is the header or footer of another
export spec.

Thoughts / comments on this?

John W. Colby

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