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Dear Arthur,

Yes the Switchboard Manager is allegedly intelligent, but only in a mean,
nasty, 'I hate developers' kind of way.  I used it for a while and traced
through the code.  After I recovered from that I made my own.  

I'd suggest simply using command buttons or colored labels that look like
buttons and put a DoCmd.OpenForm behind the Click event.  It's kind of a
dumb switchboard, but it's a nice one!

Dan Waters

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I think that I have asked this before and been answered, but I`m getting old
and infirm so forgive me please.
Using the SB Manager, I create an item which is supposed to open a form in
DS mode, but instead it opens it in single-row mode. In this particular
case, this defeats all my intentions. 
How to get around this... I suppose that I could write a function that opens
the form of interest, but cannot the SB manager be persuaded to do what I
wish it to do....
Even if I specify that form abc be opened in DS format, the SB manager seems
to ignore my instructions, opening the form instead in single-row format,
which is NOT what I wish in this particular case.
How can I pass params or otherwise defeat the allegedly intelligent SB
manager... and make it do what I want.

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