[AccessD] BE differences

Liz Doering ldoering at symphonyinfo.com
Mon Oct 24 14:21:02 CDT 2005

Even easier--because it's free--is MDBDiff, which I learned about on
this list once upon a time.  

It can be found here:  http://www.pb-sys.com/ under retired products. 

Liz Doering
Symphony Information Services
liz at symphonyinfo.com

Marty Connelly wrote:

Easy way is Total Access Detective from FMS $199.


Here is a function that should do part of the trick (it assumes that 
there are the
same records in each table matching on primary key ID. If not, just put
logic to move the recordsets until the keys match.)
If they are out of sync the coding gets busy real fast.

Function CompTables()

Dim DB As DAO.Database, i As Long
Dim rs1 As DAO.Recordset, rs2 As DAO.Recordset

Set DB = CurrentDb()

Set rs1 = DB.OpenRecordset("Vc")
Set rs2 = DB.OpenRecordset("Vp")

Do Until rs1.EOF
For i = 0 To rs1.Fields.Count - 1
If rs1(i) <> rs2(i) Then
'do something here like write it to a log table
End If
Next i


Set rs1 = Nothing
Set rs2 = Nothing

End Function

John Colby wrote:

>Does anyone have any code for discovering the DIFFERENCES between the
>in two Bes?  I can't remember if this is available in the BE Updater.
>John W. Colby
>Contribute your unused CPU cycles to a good cause:

Marty Connelly
Victoria, B.C.

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