[AccessD] The Sleep Advisor is Live!

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Wed Oct 26 02:58:58 CDT 2005

Hi Rocky

Wow, that's what I call determination! 11½ years.
Sorry not to be a customer of yours. I just need to touch the pillow ...

Nice site by the way. The soft (dare I say feminine) design matches the product perfectly.


>>> bchacc at san.rr.com 26-10-2005 07:20 >>>
Dear List:

Well, it took 11 1/2 years but my partner and I have finally got a product.  The Sleep Advisor most of you are aware of.  For those who might not be, it is a program, an expert system really, that diagnoses sleep disorders and gives a personalized program of remedies and recommendations to address them.  

This milestone in both of our professional careers is due in no small measure to the selfless help I have been given by members of this list for at least ten years, guiding me through and outright solving many tough (for me) problems in many applications over that time.

More specifically, I have been given help on numerous Sleep Advisor problems by many of you and especially I am grateful to the generous efforts of A.D. Tejpal who simply would not give up when presented with a thorny problem that had me beat.

I would also like to acknowledge all those who volunteered to be beta testers.  Accumulating enough beta tests to prove that the product worked was the critical last step.  Several hundred were required.  But we're finally confident in the accuracy and effectiveness of the system.

Once again, I thank you all.

You can see the site: www.thesleepadvisor.com. 

As usual, any feedback is most welcome especially anyone who wants to look at the site source and comment on that.

With very best regards,

Rocky Smolin
Beach Access Software

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