[AccessD] Need SMTP Code

John Bartow john at winhaven.net
Mon Aug 6 10:01:48 CDT 2007

FYI: with a Wise installation you can include and register dlls.

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I've used vbSendMail for several years also, and it works well.  Also has a
great user manual.  I've incorporated the code into a single module in my
Access apps.  The one thing I would like to do but not sure how is to write
a class that detects and reports SMTP errors (Access can't do this).  The
Let and Get properties are already there, I'm just don't know how to use
them.  Of course, the manual's author says it's easy.

You do need error trapping in your app that can detect if the .dll file is
not present, so the IT folks at your client can install and register the
files (they tend to forget to install them with a replacement PC).  You'll
get 429 and 91 errors if it's not there.  Other than this, I've had no other

It's at http://www.freevbcode.com/ShowCode.Asp?ID=109 and is called

Dan Waters

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