[AccessD] Highlighting a record in a form

Steve Schapel miscellany at mvps.org
Tue Aug 14 14:59:20 CDT 2007


An alternative approach is to make a textbox, perhaps bound to your ID 
field, and size it to the full height and width of the Detail section of 
the form.  Then, all the other data controls, you set the Back Style 
property to Transparent, and then they are laying over the top of the 
ID.  Then you just apply the Conditional Formatting to the ID control, 
to change its ForeColor and BackColor, and it will give the impression 
of the whole row being highlighted.


ewaldt at gdls.com wrote:
> I got it! Thanks, everyone, for your help. In the unlikely event that 
> someone is as DUH as I am, I'll explain it below.
> Many were suggesting conditional formatting, but I could not see how to 
> make it apply to an entire row. It's actually very simple. With the form 
> in design view, select all of the appropriate fields and choose Format / 
> Conditional Formatting from the menubar. On the left, choose "Expression 
> is". On the right, type in the controlling expression, such as [ID] = 5. 
> Since you've selected all fields, they will all be governed by this one 
> expression.
> Sorry for being so dense, people. I hadn't used this functionality in 
> Access before, so I was trying to figure it out in VBA. Let's hear it for 
> trying to reinvent the wheel.

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