[AccessD] A2k form control undo

Charlotte Foust cfoust at infostatsystems.com
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If this is unbound, there isn't a value to return to.  I usually handle
that by assigning the initial value to a variable or to the control's
tag property so I can simply reset the control to that value if they
cancel.  As for your second question, I don't see any code assigning
myPath to the strFileNm control.

Charlotte Foust   

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When I try to undo a control the original text does not display in the
control on the form. I have even tried to repaint the form but that
doesn't help.. 
Also if the person does select another file - the new file name will not
show up on form even after the AFTER_UPDATE 

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Private Sub strFileNm_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
    Dim myPath As String
    strFilter = "Rpt Files(*Bic*.txt; *.txt)" & vbNullChar &
    myPath = strFileNm
    If IsNull(strFileNm.text) Or strFileNm.text = "" Then
       GoTo strFileNm_BeforeUpdate_GetFile
    ElseIf Not (Len(Dir$(myPath)) > 0) Then
           If MsgBox("This file not found " & vbLf & strFileNm & vbLf &
                     "Do you want to Search?", vbYesNo, "RPT File Name")
= vbYES Then
              GoTo strFileNm_BeforeUpdate_GetFile
               Cancel = True
               'Me.strFileNm.Undo   'Tried both these
               Me.Repaint         'added this - still does not show
original value
               Exit Sub
           End If
    End If
    Exit Sub
    myPath = tsGetFileFromUser(, gstrPPathFTP, strFilter, , "txt", ,
"RPT Import Files", True)
    If IsNull(myPath) Then
       Cancel = True
       Exit Sub
    End If
End Sub
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