[AccessD] Version Problem -- Emergency

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Thu Aug 30 10:13:41 CDT 2007

It sounds like the VBA 11.0 is the problem.  Did you change that?  If it
can't find the VBA module you are in trouble. 

John W. Colby
Colby Consulting
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Hi all,

I developed an MDB in Office 2000 and it runs fine. In Office 2003, however,
immediate problems. "Module not found.". Tools | References is greyed out
until I click the stop button. Then the References lists shows Visual Basic
for Applications, Access 11.0 Object library, OLE Automation and ADO
2.1library. That latter sounded obsolete so I unchecked it, and selected
instead ADO 2.6 and also DAO 3.6 (which some of the code needs). No joy,
however. Attempt to compile produces the same message, Module Not Found.

I'm going to try creating a new MDB from Access 2003 and importing
everything to see if that fixes it. Any other suggestions?

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