[AccessD] FW: Performance tips anyone?

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Thu Jul 5 08:28:05 CDT 2007

Can our list manager help Thomas figure out why he gets bounce messages.
His messages are getting through but he is being told they aren't.

John W. Colby
Colby Consulting



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I keep sending this to the list, but it keeps being rejected; something
about "the recipient's BlackBerry Handheld". Anyway, thought I'd send it on
to you. You've probably already thought of it, but just in case... 

Could you include code in a module to open and close all queries, "hide" the
code so only you run it, but then run it before posting the new update to
the FE? That should recreate any query plans, shouldn't it? 

Thomas F. Ewald
Stryker Mass Properties
General Dynamics Land Systems

John Colby responded to Steve Schapel: 

Ohhhh that is something to consider, I kinda knew this but never thought of
it in quite this light.  I build and then upload to a server.  The users
download the FE every day.  Thus the first time they open anything it will
be slow, every day.  Sigh. 

Steve had said: 

And here's another thing I only found out about this week... the first time
a saved query is run after the database is compacted, will be slow, because
the query plan has to be re-created.  So if you compact/repair the front-end
application file, queries will run slow the first time, and forms based on
queries will open slowly the first time. This is an e-mail from General
Dynamics Land Systems. It is for the intended recipient only and may contain
confidential and privileged information. No one else may read, print, store,
copy, forward or act in reliance on it or its attachments. If you are not
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