[AccessD] Importing from Excel

ewaldt at gdls.com ewaldt at gdls.com
Thu Jul 26 12:22:03 CDT 2007

Importing from Excel is really simple, of course, if there's a single row 
of titles, followed by rows of data.

In my case, users get two workbooks a week, each having two worksheets; 
one worksheet has data starting on row 4, the other on row 3 . They are 
consistent, and I can refer to them by their sheet names (say USA for the 
first, Can for the second). Once I get to the data row, things are fairly 
consistent, the exception being that sometimes the data rows stop, a line 
of information is inserted, and then the data rows start again. Even then, 
the data columns continue where they left off.

If I were to get the workbooks at my desk, I'd use VBA within Excel to 
combine them into a 3rd sheet, clean them up, and then have Access import 
the new sheet. However, the people wanting to move the data into Access 
won't want to do this. I'm looking for favorite methods here. How would 
you go about doing this strictly from Access? 


Thomas F. Ewald
Stryker Mass Properties
General Dynamics Land Systems

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