[AccessD] Never Take a job for a friend (Three level designquestion)

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It is a small company and each level can deal with any one below them.

If you have time I can use help writing the notes code.

I can send you the DB when I get home tonight. Los Angeles time.

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>    It might be desirable to enforce ChainOfCommand discipline as well. For example One chief executive can have more than one managers. Each of these managers has more than one supervisors. Each supervisor in turn has more than one employees under his control.
>    Manager A can see all the notes recorded by supervisors for employees under his command only. Similarly only those in the chain of command for a particular employee can record notes for that employee.
>    For this, recursive joins would be necessary. Would you like a solution to be explored on these lines ?
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>  It is simple. Ya Right 
>  I am righting a poor mans HR program. There are four user levels.
>  Dispatchers can not do notes, can not see notes. 
>  Field supervisor can write notes. Can not see manager or executive notes.  
>  Managers can write notes, can read Field supervisor notes, not edit them or see executive notes.
>  Executives can write theirs, see but not edit all other notes. 
>  Notes are many notes to one employee.  
>  How do I do notes so people see them in chronological order? If I do three sub tables how would I get all notes to same point. One employee can have multiple incidents good and bad in their record. How would I get all three levels of notes to same incident? 
>  Ya all know where I am spending my sat night.
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