[AccessD] Performance tips anyone?

Jim Dettman jimdettman at verizon.net
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  Besides keeping a pointer open to the BE at all times, which John already

1. Make sure that the MDB/MDEs are not being virus scanned on the clients
and server.
2. If a NT/2000/2003 server is used to share the backend, consider turning
off OPLOCKS (opportunistic locking).
3. Make sure the backend is only a level or two deep in the directory
structure and access via a drive letter rather then UNC naming convention.

  I think everything else has already been mentioned.  At the application
level, Indexing of course is critical.


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Hi all,


I have a customer that complains about his database (BE/FE A97 running in
runtime mode) is slow.  The number of concurrent user keep growing over the
years and it's up to 10 or 12 now.


What I'm looking at right now is to optimize the whole database and upgrade
to Access 2003.  I've look at the performance tips from this page
(http://www.granite.ab.ca/access/performancefaq.htm) and I've found some
pretty usefull information.


Anyone has other tips on getting this database more performing?


I was also wondering if using a dedicated server for the database would help
to improve performance?


And what about SQL Server 2005 Express?  I've read here that it's free and
has a large capacity (more than enough for what I need).  Will it really
help in speeding up the database?  How hard is it to set up?  Any good
documentation I can read on this?


Thanks to all of you!



Annie Courchesne, CMA


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