[AccessD] Checkbox dates

Steve Schapel miscellany at mvps.org
Sat Jul 14 00:38:58 CDT 2007

You are entirely correct, John.  You couldn't check/uncheck the checkbox 
in the usual way, as it is a calculated control.  If you wanted to do 
this, using the "old-fashioned" method, one way would be code something 
like this on the Enter event of the checkbox control:

    If Me.NameOfCheckbox Then
       Me.YourDateField = Null
       Me.YourDateField = Date
    End If


jwcolby wrote:
> I suspect that would work for displaying the value, but I suspect that it
> would also prevent checking / unchecking the box since the check box could
> not set / clear what it is bound to.  I haven't tried it yet though.

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