[AccessD] Let me try this another way - please help me understand this?

Steve Schapel miscellany at mvps.org
Sun Jul 22 18:07:27 CDT 2007


You may be interested to read this short article...

If I correctly understand your example, it seems to me that there should 
be a one-to-many join between:
tblCScollections.tblCScollectionID and tblCSjoin.tblCSjoinIDcollection
... and also a one-to-many relationship between:
tblCSnames.tblCSnamesID and tblCSjoin.tblCSjoinIDnames


Kathryn Bassett wrote:
> Maybe a screen capture will get someone to help me.
> http://www.genealogylibrarycenter.com/images/manymanyrelationship.jpg
> First, the word foreign in the tblCSjoin bottom field name has been corrected, so ignore that. The word was intended to be in the description. Now, here's my problem. I've only ever done Many-One or One-Many, I've never done a Many-Many and don't know how to join the tables. I've tried some different combos and nothing will turn that One-To-Many into Many-To-Many. And I'm not clear on Enforcing and the Cascading either.
> A name can belong to many collections.
> A collection can have many names.
> There is never going to be two people of the same name. Don't be concerned with why not, just be assured I've got my reasons, and a solution.
> So, how do I drag the tblCSjoin's foreign key's to the primary keys in the other tables, and what all do I checkmark?
> I'll get to other question after this part is solved.

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