[AccessD] Page Orientation 2003

Mark A Matte markamatte at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 27 10:11:49 CDT 2007

Sounds like an issue we had here...except minus Access.  Are you having the 
same problem  printing from IE...or from word...if so...you might have the 
wrong drivers loaded fro the printer...

Good Luck,


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>Subject: [AccessD] Page Orientation 2003
>Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 06:15:09 -0700
>Hey Michael
>No error messages.
>I think it has to be a printer problem or
>I am missing a turn off/turn on setting in Access2003.
>If I set the printer (Dell Photo Printer 720) preferences, to letter 8
>1/2 by 11, portrait.
>Then go into the design mode for a report (in Access98) that was set to
>letter and landscape, select page setup the orientaion is set to
>portrait and if I click landscape then  exit (and don't do anything) and
>go back in,  it is back to portrait and vice a versa if I set
>preferences to landscape and open a report that was set to portrait.
>I tried the code below for 2003, I downloaded from Microsoft, but it
>doesn't fire off the orientation setting  still stays as portrait.
>    Dim rpt As Access.Report
>    Dim prtr As Access.Printer
>    Set Application.Printer = Nothing
>    Set prtr = Application.Printer
>    'Set the default printer's orientation to landscape
>    prtr.Orientation = acPRORLandscape
>    'Set the default printer's paper size to legal
>    prtr.PaperSize = acPRPSLegal
>    'Print Preview the Client Report
>    DoCmd.OpenReport "client", acPreview
>    Set rpt = Reports("client")
>    'Set the Printer property of the report to the
>    'Application.Printer object
>    Set rpt.Printer = prtr
>    'Uncomment the following line if you wish to save the object
>    'with the current settings
>    'DoCmd.Save acReport, "Client"
>I hope I have not pulled off a "bonehead" manuever in my upgrading.
>Thanks Again
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