[AccessD] Going CRUD way...

Robert L. Stewart robert at webedb.com
Tue Jul 31 12:14:42 CDT 2007


The SPs generated by netTiers go beyond a simple CRUD
system. They generate a paged get like the first one
you listed. But, they also generate a read by each
of the foreign keys if you define then in the SQL DB.
They are very good and what I use for development in
Visual Studio. No, I do not use my CRUD generator for
my VS development. It was developed for my day job
where the environment is ColdFusion and Access 97.
After doing ,Net development for the last 3 years, I
finally found  Codesmith and netTiers and will probably
never write another data layer of my own again. I see no
reason to reinvent the wheel when there is one that works
so well already.


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>Hi Guys,
>Heres a sample of the CRUD generated by NetTiers an a simple lookup
>I've used a couple of times now.
>Of course it also generates all the C# objects to go with it.
>IMO for complex systems CRUD makes good sense.

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